Demons Can't Swim by Dr. Randy Caldwell

Demons Can't Swim

It may not be a commonly known fact, but every county boy knows that hogs can swim. Throw one in the water and he will make it back to the bank every time. But in Matthew chapter twelve something very peculiar happens, the bible describes a whole herd of hogs drowning. In this same passage, just a few verses earlier, we learn of a man called Legion who was possessed by 6,000 demons. This man runs to Jesus to worship him, and was fully set free. In this teaching Dr. Caldwell shines light on the difference between demon possession and demon oppression, shows that there are demons at work against you, and sometimes it takes more than prayer and fasting to get rid of them. We hope you enjoy this teaching as Dr. Caldwell breaks down why "Demons Can't Swim."

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